Honoring the lessons of history to create positive change

Launched from an entrepreneurial spark by Jennifer Pritzker in 1994, TAWANI Enterprises, Inc. was named for Pritzker’s three children – Tal, William and Andrew — and dedicated to a vision of building a company devoted to connecting people to the history in their midst and creating opportunities for growth and knowledge, while forging stronger, healthier communities.

Our Mission

TAWANI Enterprises believes in honoring the lessons of history to create positive change for individuals, properties and businesses.

That’s what we mean when we say, “uniting past and progress.” For us, history isn’t an excuse to do things the same old way. Instead, it’s a chance to learn from the past, to grow as a society, and to create things of value to be shared for future generations.

TAWANI Enterprises’ private equity portfolio consists of startups and mature innovative companies in various industries as well as not-for-profit interests through Foundation work and military history and education organizations. All investments are based on TAWANI’s mission.

We strive to build on the gifts history has given us to make a genuine, measurable difference today, and then to pass what we accomplish here on to those who follow us.

Creating a positive impact