Corporate Training

SLEEP A Sound Decision Making System for Companies, and Individuals

You and your organization can now use a proprietary system developed by a Retired Army Colonel to evaluate opportunities, make sound decisions, and communicate clearly. Chart your path to success with SLEEP, Safe, Legal, Ethical, Efficient/Cost Effective, Profitable.

SLEEP has been used in the following arenas and is customized to each audience.

1. Business: Culture Training/Building

2. Business: As a tool in assessing cultural fit during the hiring process

3. Individuals: As a tool for personal growth

SLEEP has been presented in the following formats:

1. In-person, off site training

2. In-person onsite training

3. Online training

4. Written Materials

5. Recorded Video

For more information about how SLEEP can be customized for your company please contact:

Kara Nakfoor
Phone: 312-374-9430